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New Home Decor Department

Good time of day to all of you! In keeping with my promise to make the most of our comfy little website, I've added a new home décor department to the store. To launch we'll be doing some back to school sales, which is great for college kids living in dorm rooms. Without dating myself, I remember leaving to attend Ohio State University as a freshmen and walking into an empty dorm room. It felt great being away from home, but a decorated place would of made me feel that comfort level that we all seek when we're by ourselves for the first time. Hopefully, I can do my part and make someone feel a little more "at home" when they fill their dorm room with our stylish and trendy home décor products. As a way of showing my appreciation to all of you, please accept a 10% discount on all orders that involve any Home Décor products. Just use the Promo Code: BK2SCHOOL while checking out. Until next time...

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